Off the shelf courses

Ready to upload directly to your own Learning Management System


Choose from our wide variety of off the shelf eLearning courses.  All our courses are ready to load onto your own Learning Management System and are custom branded for your organisation.  Learning outcomes are conveniently packaged into 30 minute micro modules that include video, activities and assessments.

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No matter what your needs, Quay Group will work with you to create and deliver your elearning project. We will work with you step by step to ensure proper design and delivery of your training.

Multimedia development

We use the latest technology and equipment to create audio, video and graphics to enhance and customise your training material.

Content Creation

Our portfolio of eLearning resources and tools offers you the highest quality content, flexible and user-friendly interface and a dynamic, personalised learning experience for your students.

Instructional Design

We combine the skills of trainers, copy writers, subject matter experts and instructional designers to develop original training content customised to meet your training and accreditation needs.

Learner Management Systems

Selecting the right LMS for your organisation can be daunting. We will help you make the right decision, ensure your system is designed and installed to specification and manage your system over the longer term.

Participant Management and Support

Experience and statistics tell us the most successful eLearning courses are high touch and offer full support. We create this environment for your participants and assist in achieving high completion rates.