If you have made the decision to move your training online, choosing the right service delivery partner could be the most difficult decision in the process. The temptation might arise to contact your sister’s daughter’s boyfriend because someone mentioned at the family reunion that he is quite good with computers, but before you do that, consider the following:

Experience and expertise

There are many eLearning providers who will queue for the opportunity, but as in any industry, they won’t all have the required level of skills offering. Make sure that you select a partner who understands the nuances of developing SAQA aligned, unit standard based or SETA accredited courses.

Track record

When a particular service provider catches your eye, do your homework. Contact references and dig a little deeper into their background. Talk is cheap and you might have been promised the sun and moon, but make sure that it can be delivered.

Prior work examples

Ask to see prior projects. Obviously, this will give you a very good indication of the standard and quality of work that has been delivered in the past and which you can expect should you choose to partner with them. Ask for a demonstration. The effort and quality reflected in the demo, will give a good indication of the level of effort your project will receive.

Transparent pricing

You should have a budget in mind for this project. The right service partner should be able to guide you on this budget. The key is value. If your budget allows for a Rolls Royce product, this is exactly what you should be offered. On the other hand, if your budget allows for a basic product only, the right partner should guide you towards options that will ensure the best value your budget can buy. Any service partner worth their salt should be flexible enough to work with your budget and guide you towards a solution which your budget allows.

Resources and services

Make sure that your potential eLearning service partner has the relevant resources and services in place to deliver on your needs. The more outsourcing they need to do, the more complex it becomes to manage your project, and the higher the risk of scope creep and contingency risk. It is no secret that too many cooks can spoil the broth. Consider finding someone who can cater to all your needs and offer you a turnkey solution. At Quay Group, we offer exactly that.

Happy hunting and good luck.